SLAYS CORPORATE ARM is our latest effort to bring together industries, state universities, and research institutes to spur innovation, improve R&D capacity, and develop local products for the international market


In this globalized world, Industries play a crucial role in supporting young inventors and driving innovation. State universities and institutes have a significant impact on economic and social progress, and their mission is increasingly focused on interactions between various science and technology industries and society. However, the direction of research and development in Sri Lanka may not always align with plans for industrial development. Through SLAYS CORPORATE ARM, we aim to change this and create private-public partnerships in the Sri Lankan research arena. This requires the right vision and commitment from all stakeholders. Research expenditure should be considered an investment in productivity, not just a cost.

By bringing together industries, state universities, and research institutes, we aim to increase the value added to research in Sri Lanka and help its products reach the international market. SLAYS CORPORATE ARM will work to strengthen the engagement of industries with R&D activities at state universities and research institutes.

Engagement of industries with R & D activities

Industries play a key role in accelerating the process of innovation, improving the capacity and capabilities of R and D, improving local products, and producing products for the international market. Industry-based innovations always encourage young inventors.

State universities and institutes are significant for economic and social progress. In the past decades, their mission has progressively been stretched to interactions with various science and technology industries, and with society, more beyond the traditional agendas of teaching and research. In the globalized world, government intervention in the industry has become the main driver for the innovation and production of new products and also in the process of product commercialization. Compared with the research conducted in developed countries, the direction of the research development in our country is not always in accordance with the plans for industrial development. This an area that, we, as young scientists identified. This aspect needs to be changed. If the future needs are identified clearly and implemented through such a series of actions, new value can be added to the research taking place in our country and the research products can reach the international market. This is doable with proper support and guidance.  Also, this requires the right vision and commitment. Research expenditure is considered an investment in most developed countries. Concerning research, the need is to use technology to improve productivity. Research funding should be considered an investment, not just a cost. By properly identifying this process, it is possible to understand why research funds are being used.

Our SLAYS Team

  • Dr.Thilini Perera
  • Dr.Nimshi Fernando
  • Dr.Chulantha Jayawardena
  • Dr.Rumesh Liynage

Agenda of the SLAYS conference