Speech-Language Pathologist,

Visiting Lecturer,

Certified Trainer,

Certified Accelerated Learning Coach,

CEO The Bridge International Inst

The Bridge International Institute

Dr. Nimeera Weerarathne graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniaya and completed his PhD at Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo (2020). In the year 2018, he received a fully funded scholarship to IBRO-APRC school held at All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India and completed a special training on Neural Plasticity in Health and diseases. In addition, he has obtained specialized intensive training on Dysphagia assessment and management from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya (2012). His PhD study was focused on development of culturally and linguistically appropriate Sinhala language reading comprehension assessment for post-stroke aphasia. Dr. Weerarathne is a gold medalist of 3MT competition 2019 founded by the University of Queensland and conducted by Sri Lankan Academy of Young Scientists (SLAYS). Also, he is the International Student awardee of the Asian Indian caucus of American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) in the year 2017. Dr. Weerarathne is a founder member of Sri Lankan Association of Speech and Language Pathologists (SLASLP) and he was the President of SLASLP for the period of year 2019 to 2021. In addition, he is a member of Association for Reading and Writing in Asia (ARWA) since 2019. He has served as a consultant for many of the early intervention projects conducted in Maldives from the year 2014-2019. He is currently serving as a visiting lecturer at the university of Colombo, university of Peradeniya, Open University of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. Dr. Nimeera Weerarathne is the co-founder and the CEO of The Bridge International Institute where he is providing his expertise in order to improve the personal excellence of children, teenagers, youth, adults and elderly people. He is also the founder of the “Path to voice” media platform, which aims to raise awareness about parenting, elderly care, speech-language pathology, communication impairment, special needs education and many more topics related to wholesome development of children and adults