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Sri Lankan Academy of Young Scientists
Application Form Instructions

SLAYS was established under the auspices of National Academy Sciences in Sri Lanka (NASSL) with a view to bring early career scientist together to create new opportunities that facilitate improvement of science in Sri Lanka. SLAYS believes- very strongly -that scientists need to do more to contribute to society, than simply advancing their individual research agendas. Therefore, SLAYS is now growing as a multi-disciplinary organization and offers its membership to suitably qualified young scientists and professionals. SLAYS now facilitates entrance of more junior scientists as young affiliates while encouraging fully qualified scientists from various disciplines to join as full members.


Age: Below 45 years at the time of application

QualificationsPostgraduate research degree from a recognized local or overseas university

Full membership: Full membership will be offered to those with an MD/PhD or equivalent degree and /or to those with a proven track record of outstanding contributions to science, technology, and innovation and commitment to public service.

Affiliate membershipOffered to MPhil degree holders or at least evidence of registration for MPhil/PhD degree at any recognized local or overseas university.  

Membership fee

The SLAYS membership fee payment should be made annually within the period of October 1st to January 31st to maintain the full membership. Failing to pay the membership fee for three (3) consecutive years will disqualify being a SLAYS member.

Fee payment can be done in three ways until 45 years:

  • One-year membership – LKR. 1500.00
  • Two-year membership – LKR. 2500.00
  • Five-year membership – LKR. 6000.00

The money should be credited to the Sampath Bank Head Quarters Account No. 002960004585.
Beneficiary Name: “
Sri Lanka Academy of Young Scientist

The scanned deposit slip should be uploaded with the membership application.

This membership fee will be only applicable for applications for Full Memberships (Ph.D. holders). Applications for Associate Memberships (free) should be submitted WITHOUT any payment. Please note that paid/transferred fees are non-refundable.

Application procedure: Application form is available online at following link.

Recruitment notification:  You will be notified regarding the status of your application within two months, After the first week of the subsequent month. For Example, if you apply ion July 10th 2018, Your Application will be taken for consideration at the August SLAYS Council Meeting, and It will be confirmed at the September Meeting. Council Meetings are usually held within the first week of the month. You can expect a response by the second week of September

Procedure queries and any updates of details:

Please inform to [email protected]

All clarifications regarding SLAYS membership should be directed to: the Membership Director of SLAYS via email ([email protected]).

Any clarifications on SLAYS should be directed to: the General Secretary of SLAYS via email ([email protected]).