Membership Renewal for existing members

Full members (PhD holders) approved by the SLAYS council are required to submit the membership renewal form upon completion of the membership payment.

Membership fee

The SLAYS membership fee payment should be made annually within the period of October 1st to January 31st to maintain the full membership. Failing to pay the membership fee for three (3) consecutive years will disqualify being a SLAYS member.

Fee payment can be done in three ways until 45 years:

  • One-year membership – LKR. 1500
  • Two-year membership – LKR. 2500
  • Five-year membership – LKR. 6000

 All payments be made to the following bank account:

Name: Sampath Bank
Branch: Head Quarters
Account No: 002960004585
Beneficiary Name: Sri Lanka Academy of Young Scientist

 The payment receipt, or the bank transfer confirmation should be uploaded when completing the following form: